Assigned to design ‘creative house for kids’

We have been assigned the task to create an interior design that respects while transforming a former monastery in Roskilde into a ‘creative house for kids’. With art and culture as the focal point, it will become a meeting place where children are invited to partake in free creative expression.

The masonry of the house, the ornamentation, the large windows, the soaring gables, the dark basement, the high living room and the secret ceiling are all elements that make the building a fantastic starting point for a children’s universe.

Even if you do not know the historic building, you sense that it is part of the monastery, a story or maybe even a fairy tale you recognize from other contexts. Our vision is to cultivate and strengthen that feeling – and turn it upside down.


During the project, we will work closely with Marianne Levinsen and Erik-Arkitekter.

Date: 2 September
Links: Realdania news article