Big news: JAJA to design new housing in Copenhagen South Harbour, Enghave Brygge

We are thrilled to be part of this exciting project!

In collaboration with CobeDorte MandrupTegnestuen Vandkunsten, and Sweco, JAJA is set to design a mixed-use urban waterfront, which features up to 100,000 sqm of housing and commercial spaces. Developed by AP Pension, the aim is to incorporate up to 1,000 housing units, varying from large to small, with more than 25% dedicated to social housing. Woven together with bridges, canals, and green spaces, and located near the soon-to-open metro station, this project is set to become a vibrant new addition to the Copenhagen South Harbor, offering an urban environment with accessible housing for everyone.

The project has a strong focus on CO2 emissions, and we will integrate bio-based materials and wooden structures wherever possible. It also strives to align with the great Reduction Roadmap, which translates the principles of the Paris Agreement and the Planetary Boundary for Climate Change into CO2 reduction targets for new Danish housing projects.

Now, we can’t wait to get started!

Date: April 09 2024