We’re collaborating with local artists and the inhabitants of Ålesund to shape vibrant urban spaces

Together with our friends from Lala Tøyen we are selected to develop a series of urban spaces in Ålesund Norway. Our primary focus is on fostering engaging environments for children, youth, and the elderly, with the goal of establishing year-round, socially interactive, and lively spaces. This exciting initiative involves the three urban spaces Harald Torsviks plass, Korsatunellen, and St. Olavs plass.

Artworks to test the urban spaces

Throughout the year, temporary artworks are developed by talented Norwegian artists. These artworks serve as dynamic experiments to explore the diverse functionalities and potential uses of the designated urban spaces. A team of curators guides and supports the artists throughout the creative process.

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, we’re conducting a series of interviews and workshops involving a wide range of user groups (high school students, kindergarteners, and other people representing the inhabitants of Ålesund. Additionally, Ålesund Municipality has established an online portal to gather feedback and comments from the public regarding the art installations.

Through these diverse testing approaches, we are laying the groundwork to craft urban spaces that captivate and bring joy to the local community. The entire process is being documented by a videographer which will likely result in a documentary about the making of the new areas.

The preliminary project is due by the end of January. Hopefully, follow up right after.

More info about JAJA Norway

Artists involved: Solveig Fagermo, Ivan Dujmusic, Karin Augusta Nogva, Bent Erik Myrvold, Simon Wågsholm, Jørgen Stavsengand, and Ragnhild Søvik.