Competition win! Industrial history embedded in masterplan

We are happy to announce that we and our friends from Dyrvik arkitekter and Dronninga landskap won the masterplan competition for Petersontomten – a former industrial site – in Norway!

The masterplan will pioneer the fundamentally sustainable approach of reusing, adapting and transforming before erecting new buildings or producing new materials. It will become a pilot project where existing materials and structures, from the smallest brick to large components and entire buildings, are carefully studied and assessed before deciding on its next stop in the building and material life cycle.

Apart from the positive sustainable aspects, the approach also respects the heritage of the past and seek to adapt existing components for the future to ensure an industrial history that is embedded into the very urban fabric of the neighborhood, laying a solid foundation for a strong identity that preserves the spirit of the site.

The jury states:

“The idea of establishing a central ‘heart’ in the new urban district is convincingly solved in reusing and adapting the oldest parts of the existing production halls. Architecturally, the halls are striking with beautiful daylight transmitted through the windows from above. Erected in distinct in situ cast concrete, the preserved structures will create a unique and attractive identity for the urban district.”

Needless to say, we are very proud and happy to have the opportunity to realize one of our three main agendas, Transformation, from masterplan to the scale of the material.


Date: 19 November
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