Copenhagen Car free(dom) selected for Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022

Out of almost 400 submissions from architects, planners, urban practitioners, academics, artists, activists, and others from around the world, we are excited to announce Copenhagen Carfree(dom) is among the six selected projects for exhibition at the Oslo Triennale 2022.

This year’s exhibition “Mission Neighbourhood” spotlights the neighbourhood as a place and horizon for rethinking our cities. With the exhibition, the Triennale will explore how we form the places we share.

Jury Statement

Copenhagen Car Free(dom) offers a truly inspiring vision for Copenhagen that is both pragmatic and engaging. The mobility strategy, based on a concept of ‘traffic islands’ does not prevent car access within Copenhagen, but merely prioritises pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport over cars in a series of convincing solutions. The cohesive mobility strategy for the city makes soft traffic the easiest and most attractive mode of transportation. Through a list of good examples JAJA Architects also demonstrates the enormous potential for creating neighbourhood quality in streets otherwise (mis)used for traffic and parking.

In a time with increasing CO2 emissions and a need for healthy and livable environments, we hope, together with the selected projects, the exhibition answers questions such as: What must be done? Who can do it? What is our responsibility? And what can we accomplish together?

The exhibition opens September 21, 2022 at the former Edward Munch Museum.

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