We have developed three new mobility points in Tønsberg, Norway

Last week, three new mobility points that we have planned together with Beta Mobility for Tønsberg Municipality and Vestfold & Telemark Municipality were launched. The project aims to introduce and test shared mobility and storage solutions for the travelers and residents of Tønsberg. Serving as pilot projects, the three mobility points are strategically placed at three key locations across the city – the main train station, Kaldnes as a neighborhood hub, and lastly St Olav Gade as a living street hub.

Following the initial planning phase, JAJA was tasked with designing the mobility points, incorporating urban furniture, signage, and various graphic elements. Centered around a ‘T’ for Tønsberg, our design elements encourage locals to move together.

Taking this project a step further in terms of its social impact, Tønsberg Muncipality and The Salvation Army have formed a partnership, offering bike repair, maintenance, and rentals for the locals at the main train station.