Developing new housing in Saupstad, Norway

We have been prequalified to do a parallel assignment regarding the development of Saupstad in Trondheim, Norway. The task is to develop new housing in interaction with the characteristic ‘Kvitbyen’ (The White City) – a massive housing project from the 60s located in the suburbs of Trondheim.

One of the district’s challenges is a one-sided housing composition with about 90 % housing in blocks. The current housing situation means that residents who want a different type of housing, such as detached houses, choose to move out of the district. Therefore we look forward to rethinking the area and contributing to creating new attractive housing in Saupstad.

In the assignment we will draw on our experience from similar projects in Denmark, both in Stengaardsvej, Gellerup and Vollsmose, working with transformation and densification.

Ghilardi Hellsten has also been chosen for this assignment and our work will be presented on December 12th, 2020.

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Date: 15 October
Links: Trondheim Municipality