Expanding the JAJA portfolio: New built references 2021


2021 marked the year where we completed the transformation of the sports arena Gigantium’s loading area into a playful urban space. By connecting the many existing elements and different expressions, a new cohesive urban space is created that invites the visitors to play or hang out. The graphics are made by Rama Studio.

Roskilde Waterscape

In June, our extension for Roskilde Waterspace was inaugurated an taken into use. The project expands and upgrades an existing indoor swimming hall to accommodate a variety of water activities. It transforms the existing building complex and 1960s water tower into a cohesive spatial experience featuring a range of naturally lit bathing areas directly connected to the surrounding park. The Roskilde Waterscape was made in collaboration with CREO.

Into the woods – pavilion

2021 also became the year, where we, together with our friends from Blumer Lehmann and MDT-tex, designed the wooden pavilion ‘Into the Woods’ as a contribution to the annual design event 3daysofdesign. “Into the Woods” served as the center for the Swiss Embassy’s exhibition, creating the frame for talks on wooden structures and design. The pavilion is made of timber fins arranged like three trees and is covered with a tensioned membrane. 


To be fair, Sola Church was completed in late 2020 but due to covid-19, 2021 became Sola’s first year in use. Located at the end of the main street, it is the first of its kind in the town center and has a significant presence in the urban space. The nave is designed as a symmetrical space providing a calm and balanced experience. The north wall of the main nave is designed with a gradual filtration of the northern light providing depth and a clear direction in the nave.

Vraa School

The multi faceted Vraa School was completed late 2021. Architecturally, by blending the built environment with the surrounding landscape, the school challenges the relationship between constructed and natural. Big thanks and congratulations to our collaborators from AART, Søren Jensen and the Municipality of Hjørring for a great collaboration. We are looking forward to sharing the images of the completed building and landscape come 2022.

Date: 20 december