Groundbreaking Ceremony for MINI CO2 Multi-storey house in Wood

A milestone has now been reached for the construction of the Mini CO2 Multi-storey House in Wood. Last Friday we were able to hold the groundbreaking ceremony for the Realdania By & Byg project, and the structural frame is now completed. The wooden elements for the structure were delivered and constructed by our friends from Blumer Lehmann from Switzerland, and due to Swiss tradition, it was a small fir tree that graced the top of the building.


With the Mini CO2 project, we combine the benefits of using a column/beam system with the use of prefabrication. Our column wall elements make it possible to place a whole column row with one lift instead of four (and without adjusting various plasterboard walls afterwards). The ribbed decks developed for the project ensure, the beams are raised together with a thin CLT board and acoustic ceiling insulation with a finished plasterboard ceiling underneath. This way, it is ready for the upper floor construction and painting of the ceilings.

The complex structure is easily carried out by using CNC-cut wooden elements. Glulam is drier and more dimensionally stable than timber, making it especially suitable for industrial processes. Our friends from Blumer Lehmann use digital models that correspond 1:1 to the physical built elements. In this way, we can easily forward our design to the CNC cutter.

The project is created together with ONV, Artelia, Blumer Lehmann, and Egil Rasmussen for Realdania By og Byg.

Site photos by Claus Fisker for Realdania By og Byg

Date: 3 April 2023
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