Happy Summer Break: JAJA 2022 in review

We are already halfway through 2022. This year has so far been full of exciting projects and lovely new team members at JAJA. We have had the pleasure of welcoming talented people on both the concept design- and detail design development teams! You can get to know some of our new team members better by clicking on the links to the right (the bottom if you are on phone).

Before we leave for summer holidays, we would like to share some of the top highlights from the past six months from our three focus areas – Mobility, Transformation, and Biomaterials. Have a nice summer!



Climate Change Adaptation Projects

In 2022 we have worked on several climate adaptation projects.

– In Grenaa we were prequalified together with VEGAHele Landet, and MOE. As one of Denmark’s most vulnerable cities when it comes to the effects of storm surges and rising water levels, Grenaa is used to having to deal with climate protection and climate adaptation. But more radical, effective, and adaptable solutions are needed to stem the increased water masses. Therefore we have worked on a strategical and flexible development plan to adapt Grenaa to the climate changes.

– In Aalborg we, Hasløv & Kjærsgaard and NIRAS are among the two chosen teams through to phase 2 in the competition regarding a strategic action plan for Aalborg waterfront. The water level in The Limfjord is rising which means, the western part of Aalborg is facing a huge challenge in the coming years. To secure and transform the area, an action plan is needed. The strategic action plan involves the waterfront and the surrounding park in the western part of Aalborg.


Working on ‘Creative House for kids’ in Roskilde

We have been assigned the task to create an interior design that respects while transforming a former monastery in Roskilde into a ‘creative house for kids’. With art and culture as the focal point, it will become a meeting place where children are invited to partake in free creative expression.

We have just started on the next phase for this exciting task and can’t wait to see the house taken into use.

Attending Building Green 2022

The 15th of June, Kathrin attended Building Green in Aarhus to talk about ‘Sustainable Transformation’. This we believe, is one of the construction industry’s most direct ways out of the climate crisis.

Through three JAJA projects, Kathrin showed how we approach transformation on every scale; from city district to building:





Reimaging European cities with Voi

Micromobility Company VOI has just released their vision statement ‘Cities Made for Living’. The 50-page report seeks to inspire decision-makers and citizens on how we can transform cities to make them more livable. Along series of city renderings, we’ve helped them showing and describing how public transportation, micromobility and car free(dom) can be integrated into popular city areas all over Europe.

Ægirsgade street transformation, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Car free(dom) selected for Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022

Out of almost 400 submissions from architects, planners, urban practitioners, academics, artists, activists, and others from around the world, Copenhagen Carfree(dom) is among six selected projects for exhibition at the Oslo Triennale 2022.

This year’s exhibition “Mission Neighbourhood” spotlights the neighbourhood as a place and horizon for rethinking our cities. With the exhibition, the Triennale will explore how we form the places we share.

The exhibition opens September 21, 2022 at the former Edward Munch Museum.

Find all selected projects for Oslo Architecture Triennale 2022 here

100 Green Mobility Labs in Greater Copenhagen

The last couple of months we have helped Gate 21 and Innovation Skåne create a narrative, a vision and a methodological framework for a large joint project of “100 green mobility labs in Greater Copenhagen in 2025”. The work  will be used as a basis for designing a main project.

We are at the moment working in close collaboration with project managers from Gate 21 and Innovation Skåne through workshops.

Read more here



Vraa School wins School Building of the Year 2022 

Vrå School we did together with our friends from AART and Søren Jensen just won School Building of the Year 2022 by Nohrcon.

Five projects was selected in the finals stage of the award held by Nohrcon. After an unanimous jury and public vote, Vrå School was declared the winner of the award. We would like to thank everyone who voted for the project we made in collaboration with our friends from AART and Søren Jensen for Hjørring Municipality.


Photos by Kontraframe and Hans Ravn

Vltava Philharmonic Halls

We are super proud of our work we did together with Arup Group and Bogl.

Out of 120 entries, we were among the selected teams chosen to do a proposal for the Vltava Philharmonic Halls in Prague. Our proposal seeks to create the next generation cultural meeting point where the Philharmonic Hall and urban life merge into one. The starting point for our proposal was creating a high-quality public place to make a natural meeting point for both music lovers and the broad public.

Find the full project here

 ‘Mini CO2’ Multi-Storey House close to first sod

Together with our friends from ONV Arkitekter we won the competition for Realdania By & Byg’s sustainable five-storey wooden experimental building in Kanalbyen, Fredericia. We are working on the project together with MOE who won the engineers’ competition.

The overall goal of the demonstration projects is to support the construction industry’s reduction of CO2 emissions. The multi-storey housing building will be made as a “mono-material house” where wood is used in as many of the parts of the building as possible.

Instead of hiding the wooden materials we are focusing on making wood a visual part of the experience when visiting the house. We are at the moment testing a lot of interesting and new materials for isolation as well, which is a very fun and instructive proces. We hope the end result will lead to inspiration among the construction industry.

Now we are getting close to first sod. We can’t wait to follow and share the process of this project

Date: 1 July 2022
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