Hovedvagtsgade Street Transformation

Check out our proposal for the transformation of Hovedvagtsgade, a historic street in Copenhagen linking Kongens Nytorv and Ny Østergade.

Currently dominated by parked cars, the street’s narrow sidewalks restrict space for pedestrians. To enhance urban life, we advocate for a ‘slow’ street, characterized by a gentle and meandering layout that facilitates improved accessibility for everyone. This approach prioritizes improved accessibility for everyone, particularly favoring ‘soft’ road users. The curving scheme not only reduces speed but also transforms the street into a series of inviting green spaces, social pockets, and seating zones on both sides. This creates a more intimate environment, fostering community engagement and providing generous room for socializing and outdoor seating.

Excitingly, the 2024 budget agreement funds are allocated for the transformation of Hovedvagtsgade based on the initiative of local enthusiasts!

Date: Jan 17
Links: Read more via MagasinetKBH