JAJA is awarded with medal from the royal academy of fine arts

We are honoured to announce that JAJA has been awarded the Franciska Clausen Medal 2020 for the architectural work of ‘Ejler Bille’s Parking House’. The award is presented by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Akademiraadet) and is awarded to ‘those who have created a singular piece of excellent artistic quality within the field of free or bound art’.

Akademiraadet states:

The scale of the patchwork pattern varies. The upper parts remain in the large scale of the cityscape and car park, with the rusty metal in large fields framed by narrow brick strips. But where the facades meet the street, the scale becomes human and eventful with small niches, detailed masonry and facade planting, creating a zone that despite the closed facade becomes a daily joy to pass. The car park on Ejler Billes Allé is thus proof that an architectural treatment of infrastructural facilities can contribute positively to a more beautiful everyday life for all of us. And for this, Jan Tanaka, Jakob Steen Christensen, and Kathrin Susanna Gimmel will be awarded the Franciska Clausen Medal 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 situation the traditional Foundation Party, where the medal usually is awarded, was cancelled in spring. The planned medal ceremony, which should have been held this Thursday under Her Majesty The Queen’s presence, is also cancelled for the same reason. Instead, Akademiraadet has interviewed the medal recipients. The interview with Kathrin, Jan, and Jakob can be read here.

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