JAJA contributes to sustainability exhibition in Santiago, Chile

Parking House + Konditaget Lüders is a part of The Nordic Embassies in Chile’s exhibition ‘Nordic Sustainable Cities’ in the biggest cultural centre in Chile Centro Cultural La Moneda (Santiago).

The exhibition ‘Sustainable Nordic Cities’ is based on the premise that climate change is an irreversible reality that must lead to action. Architects and designers from the Nordic countries have been developing projects that all aim at sustainable development from different perspectives, and the exhibition highlights Konditaget Lüders as one among these.

Due to COVID-19, the physical exhibition is closed but will (hopefully) open in September. In the meantime, the cultural centre in cooperation with the Nordic embassies has just launched a digital version.

We hope that our contribution to the exhibition can help inspire the Chilean public and decision makers to rethink infrastructural planning to create more livable cities.