JAJA Copenhagen Car free(dom) project selected as finalist in Danish Design Awards 2022

We’re thrilled to announce our mobility project ‘Copenhagen Car free(dom)’ is selected as a finalist in the Danish Design Awards 2022 category ‘Visionary Concepts’.

The Vision Award is given to a design solution or an innovative and visionary concept that points to radical new possibilities within a business, social or cultural context – “A design award for solutions that are out of reach but within sight.”

This design solution reflects a tremendous and highly likable vision. It’s almost a utopia, and that’s a great place to start to make it a reality someday. Denmark is a pioneering country for making urban development centralize not only around cars but also bikes. This project pushes the boundaries with its vision of car freedom and might be the way for Denmark to keep up its leading position in this field. Especially in a world with an urgent need for sustainable change.

– The jury 

This year it’s also possible to vote for our project for the People’s Choice award – an award given by the people.
Vote for our project for the People’s choice award here

About Danish Design Awards 2022

46 design solutions will compete to win Denmark’s national design award, Danish Design Award. The award is a collaboration between Danish Design Center and Design denmark and celebrates good design in a wide range of categories, including healthcare, resource awareness, and improvements to urban life. The winners will be announced at the Danish Design Award ceremony on June 9.

In 2020 we won the ‘Liveable Cities’ Category with Parking House + Konditaget Lüders

Copenhagen Car Free(dom)

Our project introduces a paradigm shift in traditional mobility planning by showing what our streets and neighborhoods can look like if we prioritize green and shared modes of transportation. Inspired by and based on Copenhagen’s Finger Plan from 1947, the project introduces a range of spatial strategies across all scales.

Read more about the project here