We are designing Denmark’s first wooden parking house

Together with our neighbors Open Platform (OP) and Rama Studio, and our engineering friends at Søren Jensen, we have won the open competition for a new parking house in Aarhus, Denmark. The 19,300 m2 construction is Denmark’s first wooden parking house, and it will as such contribute to reaching Denmark’s goal to become climate neutral in 2050.

A unanimous jury highlights the winning proposal for “[…] in an exemplary way [to illustrate] a sheer balance between the practical and the poetic”.

Furthermore, the jury report states:

“Based on a simple logistical solution, the proposal’s beautifully worked spatial qualities are enriched by well-integrated event and activity options. The parking house is a strong contribution to achieve a more creative and greener urban district.”

By placing a compact parking facility on the north-eastern half of the site, the project makes space for a green and creative oasis with small pavilions, where social and cultural activities can unfold. The greenery and the paths of the park continue onto the parking house façade where they transform into a vertical garden of green espaliers and active balconies.

At ground floor we propose facilities supporting green transportation and transport sharing, such as charging stations, cargo bike rentals, carpooling stops and parking spots dedicated to car sharing vehicles. In time, these facilities can grow onto the upper floors.

Date: 17 December 2019
Links: Read more about the project