JAJA joins sustainable transformation project in Korneuburg, Austria

On the harbour front in Korneuburg, only a few kilometres from the Vienna city limits, we will help SIGNA and the city of Korneuburg create a new and attractive neighbourhood for residential and commercial purposes. The development of the former shipyard site, which has been closed since the beginning of the 1990s, is one of the largest real estate projects in Lower Austria of the coming decade.

The 15-hectare area will be transformed into a high-quality urban area for 1400-1700 citizens and the heart of the new district will beat in the “Werftmitte”: a lively centre with gastronomy, culture and events.

Ambitious sustainability focus

The development of the shipyard is based on an ambitious sustainability plan. Self-sufficiency is a major focal point, and the goal is to have the energy demand on site covered using sun and water generated electricity only.

We are incredibly excited to work on this beautiful site with and among skilled architect teams from Austria and Scandinavia;  DMAA, Berger + Parkkinen, Maurer & Partner, COBE, and SNØHETTA.

The project in Korneuburg will be worked on over the next ten to twelve years.

Photo credits: k18, CityCopterCam, Romana Fürnkranz and SIGNA

Date: 11 August
Links: SIGNA Project description