JAJA Mobility on the Cover

This month’s issue of ‘Arkitekten’ is with Wooden Parking House and Mobility Hub (made in collaboration with Open Platform, Rama Studio, and Søren Jensen) on the cover. ‘Mobility’ is the magazine’s theme of the month and therefor our Industrial PhD fellow and Head of Mobility, Robert was invited to write a text about his work with mobility at JAJA Architects.

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With the text, Robert explains how cars have become so ingrained in our societies that they dominate our present and future understandings of the urban. Working towards a more car-free future, is, therefore, not only a task of re-designing our roads and cityscapes but re-designing society’s relationship to the car.

Excerpt from the text:

The streets are the largest continuous public space in cities and should be used for something that benefits society, rather than for large metal boxes that sit idle 99% of the time.  That space should be shared democratically, and if city residents voted with their pedals and feet, road profiles would look almost the opposite of what we have today. For example, in Copenhagen, one of the bicycle capitals of the world, 66% of street space is still dedicated to cars, while only 9% of trips are taken by this mode (3). By re-distributing this wasted space, we can alleviate other negative externalities of car use such as physical inactivity, air pollution, and traffic safety.

The article is published online at arkitektforeningen.dk

Date: 19 October
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