JAJA prequalified to design Head Office in Arendal, Norway

Together with our friends from Oslotre and Vill Energi, we are very excited to announce our prequalification in the architectural competition to design the new head office for Gard in Arendal, Norway!

‘Gard’ is already headquartered in Arendal and requires additional space to accommodate its growing needs. The project aims to enhance the architectural narrative of the current headquarters while creating a standalone building that meets future demands. The new structure is expected to feature a main entrance with a reception area, a larger canteen, a dedicated meeting room area, and additional office workspaces.

Drawing from our experience with projects such as ‘Mini CO2‘ and ‘Bagsværd Observation Home,’ we aim to design a building that is both environmentally responsible and promotes a healthy work environment.

Out of 39 teams that submitted applications for the first round, we are proud to be one of the three teams selected to advance in the competition. Now we look forward to work on this exciting project.

Date: May 31 2024