We will help Bane NOR transform a train station into a mobility hub

Together with Beta Mobility, we’re assigned to help Bane NOR transform one of their existing train stations in Grorud into a new mobility hub. Located just outside Oslo, the project is a part of an overall goal of creating a sustainable mobility system in and around Oslo.

Aiming to create an attractive space for the locals, the project seeks to make public transportation the easiest and best choice when moving over longer distances. By transforming the existing station in Grorud, the new hub will improve mobility networks to the surrounding area by connecting buses, trains, and new mobility forms.

Mobility Hub

The new mobility hub will not only promote public transportation as the easiest mobility form. It will also be a hub containing different kinds of newer forms of transportation such as shared bikes, shared cars and autonomous taxis. A part of our assignment is also to look into how to integrate different logistics such as parcel delivery services, new types of retail spaces, and investigate what kind of digital infrastructure that would help citizens choose their route and transportation form(s).

About Grorud Station

The Grorud Station was originally built in 1854 but burned down in 1862 and was replaced by the current station in Swiss chalet style, which was completed in 1865. The station is located 10.50 kilometers from Oslo Central Station.

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