Konditaget Lüders wins Danish Design Award’s Livable Cities Category

We are pleased to announce that Parking House + Konditaget Lüders has won Danish Design Awards’  ‘Liveable Cities’ category. ‘Liveable Cities’ is a design award for design-driven solutions that humanize and simplify life in cities.

This is the first time we have seen a parking house come alive. The living roof has been incorporated into the building in a very intelligent way, allowing people to run and play, while giving them access to a view, you would normally have to pay for. There are parking houses all over the world, and with this example Denmark can position itself as a leader in this field. Other major cities will want to copy this solution and/or hire Danish companies to design it. We have seen the use of rooftops for leisure before – e.g. for private tennis courts and pools – but with its public access, this solution has a democratic appeal, states the Danish Design Award’s Jury

The Danish Design Award 2020 was held this year as a live stream due to the Covid19 situation and team JAJA celebrated the award at the top of the parking garage.

Konditaget Luders is owned by By & Havn and made in collaboration with Totalentreprenør 5e byg, Søren Jensen Engineers, LOA, DGI, and Rama Studio.

Read more about the building here.

Date: 02-06-2020