Meet the JAJAS: Christian

Christian is one of our new team members. To get to know him better, we have asked him a series of questions.  

How did you get into architecture? 

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, particularly buildings, and have been fond of doing technical and especially isometric drawings of all kinds of stuff all my childhood. I have strong opinions about aesthetics, an eye for detail and always wanted to study architecture. “Luckily” I didn’t get into the Royal Danish Academy, as it made me pivot into becoming a constructing architect instead, which is a particular Danish education somewhere in between the fields of classic architecture, engineering and site management. It’s all about making our architectural visions come to life: the details, the materials and construction technology. It’s just my thing!

What interests you most about your job?

The details! As Charles Eames is quoted for: “the details are not the details. They make the design”. I love that quote, as it sums up my vision for the work I do. I love bringing buildings to life for the benefit of their users and the public realm, but the details and the craft have to be on point to make the architecture pop and give lasting value to the people we build it for – not just the cool concept.

What was it like to start at JAJA?

Super awesome! I love being part of a rather small and dedicated team doing beautiful projects. I find it to be very motivating to push a sustainable agenda in an office in this size – with passionate clients, that want to make a difference in society or the building industry. In regards to the topic of sustainability in the building sector, coming to JAJA was just a matter of getting on the train. My new colleagues are all really into innovation and sustainability. It’s very inspiring to work here.

When you’re not at JAJA – what do you like to do?

First of all, I don’t have kids yet, so I should have plenty of time. That being said, I have too many hobbies that don’t get enough attention. A lot of my time is spent with my girlfriend and friends having a great every day. I very much enjoy riding my motorbike in the summer, swim in the harbour in the winter, go to concerts, visit art exhibitions, hunt, read novels and DJ now covid is letting us somewhat party again. I have a dream of playing music, the analogue kind, and think I will soon try and learn to play the saxophone. If it doesn’t work out, the sax will just be a beautiful piece of jewellery in my living room!

Favourite meal and movie on a Sunday?

This is so hard to answer. I think it has to be an easy meal to prepare to have as much movie time as possible.

Date: 6 September