Meet the JAJAs: Josefine

Josefine is our new CEO! To get to know her better, we have asked her a series of questions

How did you get into architecture? 

I’ve always been gifted with a creative mind and body. As a kid and young adult, I played the piano, danced, designed, and crafted my own clothes etc. When I started to search for higher education and future career opportunities, I knew, that I wanted to do something within the creative industry. I went to visit both the School of Architecture and the School of Journalism in Aarhus, and my gut feeling convinced me to go for architecture. The atmosphere there enchanted me, and I felt an instant belonging to architecture as a profession. Later I got the chance to do courses at the School of Journalism as part of my masters. So, I kind of feel I got the best of both worlds, which literally formed the foundation of my career and what I do today. 

What interests you most about your job?

My biggest interest is to grow and nurture JAJA in the most sustainable way. I see JAJA as a great contributor to the green transition of the building industry. Our core agendas – green mobility, transformation, and biomaterials – are vital keys to solving the current crisis. We try to make a difference every day. That makes me proud and motivated to reach for more. Managing a sustainable business also means, that I care about my colleagues and their work conditions. I find satisfaction in pursuing and negotiating projects and contracts that allow them to follow their passion and be their best. But, I’m also super interested in the business administration part of my job: Economy, organization development, etc. I mean, I literally have the best job, ever! 

What was it like to start at JAJA?

Starting at JAJA felt – to be totally honest – a bit chaotic. But that had a lot to do with me finding my legs in this new position and trying to figure out where to start basically. Also, we are a rather small office, so everyone has to help out with whatever is most urgent from time to time. To me, over the first months, that meant to be writing a competition in three weeks (for the MiniCO2 multi-storey house) while hiring new colleagues, kicking off our Mobility Department together with Robert, stepping up our office interior game, arranging the summer party etc. etc. But I enjoy every single moment of this crazy, unpredictable everyday! The colleagues and the atmosphere at JAJA are hard to explain in writing. It is somewhat magical to be part of this team. 

When you’re not at JAJA – what do you like to do?

I’m a mother of two crazy, adorable little girls, so I spend most of my time off work playing, cooking, cargo biking, washing, cleaning, arguing, sleeping, nappy changing, bathing, nursing, singing, dancing, comforting, laughing, negotiating, planning – feel free to continue the list. I love family life, but I’m also aware that I need some me-time to recharge my batteries, which is why I prioritize time off where I go for a long walk, knit on a sweater, take a nap, or read a book. I live in a suburb north of Copenhagen, so commuting on the train also counts as me-time most days. 

Favourite meal and movie on a Sunday?

Movies and binge-watching isn’t really my thing. I go to the movies from time to time, and I recently watched Ole Bornedal’s outstanding depiction of the accidental bombing of The French School in Copenhagen at the very end of World War II. It was a tragical, yet magical movie in a way I really can’t explain. It has stayed with me for many, many days now. My favorite food is Danish/Nordic cuisine – preferably cooked as my grandmother would have. Eating foods, that are locally sourced not only makes sense, it also adds to the taste, I believe.  

Date: 11 November
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