Meet the JAJAs: Lene

Lene is our new Constructing Architect. To get to know her better, we have asked her a series of questions. 

How did you get into architecture?

It was definitely not straightforward. I have a background in graphic design from an architectural office, but it was only years after, that I realized I wanted to get into architecture and construction. Looking back, I think I got inspiration from some very passionate constructing architects at my former job, and after some travelling and soul-searching, I finally made the decision to change my path.

What interests you the most about your job?

I really like that I get to talk to experts about so many topics, like fire safety, materials, accessibility, and so on. I’m fresh out of school, so I won’t call myself an expert in anything related to construction yet. But being able to deep dive and ‘geek’ into many different topics is a big motivator for me, as I get to grow my knowledge every day.

What was it like to start at JAJA?

It’s been really great. Beginning your first job after studying, is probably always hard, as you suddenly deal with ‘real’ issues and not school tasks, but I’ve learned that my colleagues have my back, and I’ve felt welcomed and valued from day one.

When you’re not at JAJA – what do you like to do?

I like to spend my time with my family. I have a wonderful daughter of one and a half years, who is a handful, but she is the best part of my life. We like to go for walks, explore the city (and the playgrounds) or just chill at home or at my family’s kolonihavehus in the summer.

Favourite meal and movie on a Sunday?

I don’t have a particular favourite genre, but I do enjoy historical or political series and movies. For the Sunday meal, it’s gotta be my boyfriend’s pasta carbonara.