The MiniCO2 Multi-Storey House in Wood is Completed

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the MiniCO2 Multi-Storey House in Wood, a collaborative effort between our team, ONV, Artelia Denmark, Blumer Lehmann, and Egil Rasmussen for Realdania By & Byg. This project has been a culmination of fantastic teamwork and the invaluable support of our client, whose vision has driven us forward. Our hope is that this project can serve as inspiration within the industry to explore innovative approaches to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting healthier building practices.

23 different combinations of biobased floor and ceiling build-ups have been tested to find the right solution for the project. This has led to the discoveries (led by @artelia) that in the majority of the CLT- and ribbed deck solutions it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions up to 55-70 % in comparison to typical hollow-core slab solutions all while meeting the stringent sound and fire safety requirements stipulated by building regulations. You can find out more information on this here.

You can explore the MiniCO2 House in Fredericia at the following events:

– March 6 for an open house (free admission for all)
– March 18 for a business event for professionals with presentations and tours. Follow the link to Realdania By og Byg’s website if you are interested.

The Mini CO2 houses

The MiniCO2 multi-storey buildings represent three pioneering projects aimed at advancing our understanding of constructing multi-storey residential buildings with minimal CO2 emissions. Utilizing wood, tile, and concrete as primary materials, these ‘mono-material’ houses offer valuable insights into better building practices.

We can’t wait to follow the project and the future MiniCO2 neighbours our wooden house will get.

Photos: Helene Krøyer & Claus Fisker for Realdania By & Byg