More JAJA on the West Coast

Leading a team consisting of Urland, Søgaard Consulting, Finn Jorsal, Niras and Peter Kvistgaard, we are developing a strategic-physical development plan for Vejers Strandby. The project is part of Realdania’s “Vestkysten viser vejen” campaign, where the overall goal is for Denmark’s West Coast to become one of the most popular coastal destinations of Northern Europe.

Vejers is a Danish holiday area known for its white sandy beaches, beautiful dune landscapes and impressive moorland. But the West Coast-oasis is in many ways a hidden gem that needs a bit of care and attention to stay attractive to tourists, investors and locals alike. Besides its natural beauty, the small town offers restaurants and retail shops as well as locally sourced arts and crafts. By strengthening the characteristic “Vejers-identity” of wild nature combined with cozy town life, our aim is to create a sensuous holiday experience by the West Coast.

Date: 19 November 2019