Multi-use sports centre: We are selected to feasibility study in Copenhagen

In the next months, we will investigate design possibilities for a new multi-use sports centre at the Skøjtehalsgrunden site next to Parken, Østerbro. The main idea behind building a new centre is to create a better environment in the capital and city district for athletics, gymnastics, and football.

The sports centre will contain various small-sided football pitches, an indoor athletics facility with a 200 m running track, multi-discipline gymnastics equipment, and facilities for research, learning, innovation, and development.

Our feasibility study will explore what is possible within the area and how to integrate the many desires of the Copenhagen Municipality and other stakeholders.

Why build a new sports centre?

When looking at the number and standard of modern athletics facilities, Denmark is significantly behind their neighbouring countries. A new, modern athletics centre of international standard, which also houses research and educational facilities, will be the first of its kind in Copenhagen and nearby.

Photo from skraafoto


Date: 10 August 2022