New built project: Explore the new youth facility in ‘Urbanplanen’

Check our latest built project – a new youth facility in ‘Urbanplanen’, Copenhagen! Winning the competition back in 2016 together with our friends from Tredje Natur, EKJ, and Pihl & Søn this project has been long awaited!

The project showcases our work with robust architecture that seamlessly blends with natural elements. By offering a calming and engaging environment, the space is designed to provide a playful experience for the children.

Stepping down to the surroundings, we’ve worked on creating an inviting building with multiple niches. The facade features a distinctive expressive mortar technique, creating a tactile and visually engaging surface that adds a warm gravitas to the area.

Entering the building, one meets a harmonious blend of natural textures characterized by ornamented wooden panels and linoleum floors. The fibrous acoustic panels serve to cultivate a great environment for both concentration and relaxation. The large windows invite ample daylight connecting the indoor spaces with the surrounding landscape and providing natural light and views for the children.

We can’t wait to see the building full of life and to follow the next steps of the project!

Photos: Morten Olivarius