We are selected to parallel assignment regarding a green mobility plan for Odense

Together with Via Trafik and Grøn Mobilitet (Susanne Krawack), we will work on a green mobility plan, contributing to the city council’s goal of making Odense climate neutral by 2030.

The new plan for Odense will have to reduce CO2 emissions by 107,000 tonnes per year from 2030 – equivalent to 46% of traffic emissions. The mobility plan will also ensure that Odense remains an attractive and vibrant city and that sustainable transport is the fastest and most attractive choice in everyday life.

Many requirements have been set for the task, including a new mobility hierarchy to promote walking, cycling and public transport over private car use.

Find our mobility pyramid here

Two other teams are selected for the assignment:

  • Niras
  • Urban Creators, Gehl, Moe, and Incentive

All three teams will present their proposals in early March 2023.

Date: 23 December 2022
Links: More info here