From Parking to Activity Landscape: Here is JAJA’s vision for Nyropsgade

From a parking lot to a layered and multifunctional activity landscape!

In Nyropsgade, Copenhagen we see great potential for creating an attractive urban space that brings value to the people in the area. In cities where space is limited, we often need to rethink our approach to achieve this goal.

Our vision for Nyropsgade proposes a layered landscape with ‘floating’ pavilions across the street’s wide central space. In this way we preserve the underground car park. Elevated at first-floor height, the pavilions offer areas for children and adults to play, do parkour, play football, and more. The vision includes green verges and trees along the buildings, creating better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists on the street with crossings and cycle paths.

@indre by lokaludvalg has recently allocated funds to initiate a citizen dialogue on the vision, marking the first step towards making it a reality!

Read more about the vision via Magasinet KBH