Prequalified to design former stadium area in Elsinore

We – and our collaborators Dall & Lindhardtsen, Schul and EKJ engineers –  have been selected as one out of three teams, among 18 applicants, to rethink a truly unique gem in Elsinore that once used to be a stadium area. The green area is with direct access to the beach, the city of Elsinore, and a forest, and we can’t wait to work on the project.

“We have very high ambitions for the development of the former stadium area, which for me to see holds an incredible potential. I’m excited to see the selected teams bid on how we best shape this part of Elsinore for the future”, states the mayor of Elsinore.

The competition starts on February 27 and runs until May 28.

Pictures from the area

Date: 30-01-2020
Links: Helsingør Kommune website