Ressourceblokken: We’ll challenge the way we use and recycle resources in the construction industry

Together with 3XN/GXN, Regnestuen, Byggeri & Anlæg, and BUILD we have made a demonstration project that investigates how resources from the 60s and 70s residential buildings can be upcycled in future construction. 

The reason is, that in the coming years, a large number of these homes will be demolished, equivalent to more than 1.3 million m². At the same time, many new buildings must be erected in the affected areas. Ressource Blokken represents a unique possibility for suggesting concrete ways to make this process more circular. 

With our experience and expertise in transformation and renovation projects, we have helped to investigate the possibility of recycling building materials with two specific cases. The full work and cases can be found here.

We are really happy to have contributed to the publication and believe that it is initiatives like Resource Blokken that are needed to achieve the climate goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030.

The publication is made with support from Realdania

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