Sustainable Transformation: JAJA attending Building Green 2022

On the 15th of June, Kathrin will attend Building Green in Aarhus to talk about ‘Sustainable Transformation’. This we believe, is one of the construction industry’s most direct ways out of the climate crisis. 

Through three JAJA projects, Kathrin will show how we approach transformation on every scale; from city district to building. The projects are:

  • Nypappen: A huge transformation project of a cardboard and paper factory site 
  • Game Streetmekka in Aalborg: Transformation of a laboratory building to a street laboratory
  • Ressource Blokken: A demonstration project that investigates how resources from the 60s and 70s residential buildings can be upcycled in future construction.


About Building Green

During June 15th and 16th, visitors can experience 80 speakers and 60 exhibitors of sustainable products and solutions for construction. There will be two scenes filled with inspiring keynotes and debates that all focus on sustainability within transformation, material choices and urban nature. 

Date: 25 March
Links: Read more about Building Green