What if our travel habits had mandates?

Imagine if our public spaces were designed to be more supportive of the modes of transportation that benefit the broader community!

Today, the distribution of space does not reflect the political objectives or the transportation habits of Copenhageners. Despite 28% of Copenhageners opting for cycling as their mode of transport, only a mere 8% of the streets cater to cyclists. Cars are given 66% of street space, even though they only represent 26% of travel in and around the city. This misalignment not only undermines the efficiency of our transportation system but also jeopardizes Copenhagen’s reputation as a cycling-friendly city.

What goes around, comes around – Since 2010, we have seen an increase in private car use of more than 25%. Political decisions must be made to lay the foundation for green mobility while supporting the vision of creating a great city to live in and visit.

Date: March 27 2024