We won Vrå School and Kindergarten

We won! Together with AART and Søren Jensen, we have designed ‘Vrå School and Children’s House’, a combined public school, daycare, and multi community house in Hjørring, Denmark.

Gently nestled in the landscape, the school merges with the surrounding forest, making an organic transition between inside and outside. The trees and the building become a united ‘learning forest’, allowing nature to be an intrinsic part of the learning experience. Making space for school, daycare, sports hall, library, and community center, ‘Vrå School and Children’s House’ will become the future focal point for all of Vrå.

An excerpt from the jury’s report reads, ‘The layout of the project has considerable cohesion. The organization, spatial disposition, and overall architectural expression are poetically executed.’
‘The project shows great sensitivity, atmosphere, and empathy. It is a nice place to be. The project is innovative yet recognizable in its architecture. (…) It will be the first school in Denmark with a ‘living climate- and environment-regulating façade’, thus becoming ‘state of the art’ for school architecture.’

Check it out!!

Date: 23 August 2017
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