Vrå School wins “School Building of the Year 2022”

We are very happy to share that a unanimous jury and a public vote have decided to award Vrå School “School Building of the Year 2022″ – an award held by Nohrcon. We would like to thank everyone who voted for the project we made in collaboration with our friends from AART and Søren Jensen for Hjørring Municipality.

How the school functions as the city’s new meeting place with the ambition of creating a complete ecosystem for play and learning has been crucial for the jury and voters. Creating a community space for the entire town as much as for the students was also a main focal point for us during the starting phase for the project, and we’re truly happy to see how this has come to life.

We would like to share a few statements and quotes from the people involved.

Statements and quotes

“A great project that combines the intentions and needs of several educational institutions with music, secondary school, library and civic center. The ambitions are colossal, but the redemption is no less. A really successful example of how a building also can act as an outdoor space and how it appeals to the senses via wood cladding and simple manageable displacements, stairs and planting. ” The Jury

“We are very happy and of course proud of the award. A big thank you to everyone involved in the process and to those who have voted for us. We have not only got a unique building – but most importantly, we have a unique gathering place for children and citizens to meet regardless of age and be a part of the local community. Vrå School brings together a wide range of the city’s activities and now it is full of life and activities for children, young people and adults, and that’s an incredible value for the local community to help strengthen Vrå and Hjørring Municipality’s settlement.” Søren Smalbro (Mayor of Hjørring Municipality)

Very unique for this award is the public votes and their opinions on their chosen project. We would like to share a few outtakes:

“I live in the city and have three children at the school – fantastic construction!”

“Sustainability, meaningfulness, the anthropological approach: Beautiful and functional construction where function is before expression.”

“It has a beautiful heart space with room for everyone”

“An eco-project where the child can go from childhood to the last day of school. That’s fantastic 🙂 ”


Photos: Hans Ravn og Kontraframe

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Date: 22 June 2022
Links: Find the project page here