Vraa School nominated for School Building of the Year 2022

Vrå School we did together with AART and Søren Jensen is nominated for School Building of the Year 2022 by Nohrcon.

Five projects have been selected in total and according to Nohrcon, all nominated projects in 2022 seeks to create perfect, creative learning environments; Experimental spaces where new thoughts and ideas can grow big and be tested in practice, regardless of age.

The jury states

Vrå School is a super successful example on how to create a building that also works as the outdoor space, and how it externally appeals to the senses via wood cladding and simple manageable displacements, stairs and planting. (…)The project exudes the ambition of being a place where children can play and learn in a complete ecosystem that changes over time.

The winner of the Nohrcon award is announced for the 10th year in a row based on a public vote, which runs until June 15.

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About Vrå School

Vrå School goes beyond a conventional school building. It is a place that challenges the boundaries between classroom academics, extracurricular activities, and community life. Evolving the isolated nature of many traditional schools, Vrå is just as much a community space for the entire town, as it is for the students.

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Photographer: Kontraframe

Date: 27 May 2022
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