We will help developing sustainable mobility in smaller Danish towns

Together with our friends from Urland, we will help Realdania develop urban life in smaller Danish towns (5.000 – 20.000 inhabitants) by identifying sustainable models and scenarios for future mobility.

Expected new requirements in the Planning Act for strategic planning for city centres demand that every municipality produce a strategic planning document for vibrant city centres. A part of the planning will be focusing on how to include new and more green mobility forms. To help the municipalities in their effort meeting these expected requirements, we will create an idea catalogue.

The idea catalogue will be made for strategic planners and decision-makers in the municipalities which govern provincial towns but is also attended to be read by business owners in provincial town centres to address concerns that they may have on changing traffic and mobility patterns. By providing an outlet of considerations for alternative mobility options, the report will help support these people when formulating their objectives for strategic vibrant city centre planning

Collaborative process

The idea catalogue will be created through a collaborative, iterative process involving multiple interviews, workshops, seminars, meetings, and more running from October 2022 through February 2023.

If you want to take part in one of our workshops, seminars, meetings, or any other part of the process, please reach out to Head of Mobility, Robert Martin: robert@jaja.archi

Photo Credits: Steffen Stamp