Into the Woods Pavilion moves to New North Zealand Hospital

The Into the Woods pavilion has now been deconstructed and moved from the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark to the New North Zealand Hospital in Hillerød. Designed for dissasembly, it only took a few days to deconstruct, move and rebuild it.

Located close to the hospital’s café terrace, the chapel, and the cardio route, the pavilion will function as a gathering place for activities related to the hospital such as lectures, concerts or exercise.

To celebrate the new hospital’s new pavilion, we were invited to a ceremony where Stephen gave a speech.


About the project

‘Into the Woods’ is created together with Blumer-Lehmann and MDT-Tex and serves as a frame for events, concerts, relaxation, and talks on wooden structures and design. Placed in the beautiful garden at the Swiss Embassy in Hellerup, Denmark, the pavilion offers a great view of the sea too.

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Date: 2 December 2022
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