New report: Interactions between collaboration and technology create value in building projects

How do we get better at sharing digital data with the people involved in a project? 

With Bagsværd Observation Home, we have focused on using data and creating a collaborative model with insights into the economic development, the progress, and the benefits/consequences of choosing different designs. A new report sums up the highlights and indicates that a great interaction between collaboration and technology leads to earlier insights and a better decision-making basis. 

Keeping everyone updated

With a much higher frequency than usual, calculations have been made based on quantities from BIM models. The information has been visualized on dashboards, making it possible for everyone involved in the project to be updated earlier on the economy and progress than normally. This was also requested by the client LIVSVÆRK.

 (…) I find that both the collaboration form and the technology have contributed positively to the development of the project. We have gained a better decision-making basis early in the project and a far more qualified dialogue with advisers, contractors, and the users of the institution. If I could decide, we did this on all our projects.

Marianne Madsen, development consultant, LIVSVÆRK (from Væ interview)

During the development of the project, different types of technologies such as VR, laser scanning, and 3D models have been involved.

About Bagsværd Observation Home

The main aim of the project is to make the physical setting of the site provide even better support for the social pedagogical work that the association performs for some of the most vulnerable in Danish society – vulnerable children.

Living in the observation home, the kids and families are met with a soft and human scale in harmony with the natural setting. The building is constructed and cladded in wood and the material gives a natural and warm atmosphere in and around the building.

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Date: 2 November 2022
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