Climate change adaptation: JAJA prequalified to develop Grenaa

We are very excited that we and our team – VEGAHele Landet, and MOE – are prequalified in the competition regarding climate adaptation and future development of Grenaa. 

As one of Denmark’s most vulnerable cities when it comes to the effects of storm surges and rising water levels, Grenaa is used to having to deal with climate protection and climate adaptation. But more radical, effective, and adaptable solutions are needed to stem the increased water masses. In the coming months, we will therefore be working on a strategical and flexible development plan to adapt Grenaa to the climate changes.

The beautiful site has a unique coherence between the Kattegat and the hinterland via ‘Grenaaen’. Focusing on the many existing qualities in the city, along the stream, and the harbor area, the development plan will also help sharpen Grenaa’s identity as an attractive municipality for settlement and business as well as a tourist destination.

We can’t wait to get started on this assignement!