Hjørring Municipality’s Architecture Award 2017

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse and arrival area has received Hjørring Municipality’s Architecture Award 2017!

The judge’s report describes:
”With a refined touch, the new stairway installation inside Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse adds a breathtaking experience of this dramatic place on the edge of – and high above – the ocean. The journey of ascending the transparent staircase is in itself a surprising experience, where the daylight and the history of the building convey the very special magic of the place.
The addition of new elements in both the lighthouse and along the path emphasizes the historical traces with their raw and untouched simplicity and makes the site’s changeability both present and accessible. The new arrival area completes a holistic experience of the place.”

The award ceremony took place at Hjørring Town Hall on Monday 2 October in relation with the Architecture Day, where Kathrin and Thilde were present to receive the award. Also, Vendsyssel Theater by schmidt hammer lassen architects and New cottage in Løkken by Signe Birkedal and Christian Finderup received awards on the same occasion.
Hjørring Municipality Architecture Award has been awarded annually since 2013 to focus on the value of architectural quality in the physical environment of cities and landscape. The purpose is to inspire and promote the interest in good architecture amongst citizens, thereby contributing to the creation of good environments, quality of life and a beautiful municipality offering many different experiences.

Thank you very much!!! We love Hjørring!

Date: 03 Octoker 2017
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