JAJA Architects at the UIA World Congress

The World Congress of Architects is in Copenhagen from 2-6 July, and we are excited to participate in several events across the city. In order to give a brief overview of what we will be doing throughout the week, we have made a summary.

Morning exercise at Konditaget Lüders (4-6 July)

Join us at 7.30 am at Parking House + Konditaget Lüders where we will share our insights and thoughts behind the project. Afterwards there will be group exercises in various zones on the roof + water and croissants.⁠

More info here

Copenhagen in Common at Danish Architecture Center (2-6 July)

The ‘Copenhagen in Common’ exhibition focuses on community within and around Copenhagen, and our contribution involves our vision for future mobility in the cities. With models and signage, we illustrate the profound impact that our transportation priorities have on shaping life in Copenhagen. Unique for the exhibition is our Bicycle Street Model, showing how we can make greater neighbourhoods, streets, and cities if we walk and bike more than we do.

Read more about the exhibition via DAC’s website

Exhibition: “A Guide to Danish Architecture Towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals”

Vrå Children- and Culture Center has been selected from the Guidebook by Arkitektforeningen to be included in a travelling exhibition that opens in Copenhagen on June 28 at 16.30 in Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, KBH S. The exhibition is free to visit and showcases 27 architectural projects from all over the country that all have in common that they are “innovative and make a difference”. 

Photo: Lene Sørensen Rose

Find more info about the exhibition here

Go to the Vraa Children and Culture Center project page

Blox Tour de Chambre

On July 4th we are present at the Tour de Chambre at the Blox building in central Copenhagen. This exclusive tour offers participants the opportunity to explore the building and connect with representatives from esteemed organizations such as BLOXHUB, Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Center, and Creative Denmark.

We will be showcasing our approach to the future at Mobility at Bloxhub and join the tour later on the roof.

More info here

Date: June 26
Links: Go to the official UIA website