Mini CO2 House Wins ‘Low-Emission Wooden Building of the Year’ Award

We are very happy to announce that the MiniCO2 Multi-storey House in Wood has been awarded with the ‘Low-emission Wooden Building of the Year’ award by Træ i Byggeriet. The winner was announced at the Build in Wood conference where members from the team were awarded.

This is what the jury said about the project:

The project addresses two significant challenges in building multi-storey housing in wood: the requirements for fire and sound in multi-storey decks. Through extensive fire and sound testing of ribbed decks with exposed timber beams and bio-based insulation, the project challenges existing norms and makes exposed timber structures in multi-storey residential buildings possible.

We want to congratulate the rest of our team ONV, Artelia Denmark, Blumer Lehmann, and Egil Rasmussen and of course Realdania By & Byg. It has truly been a great team effort!

Find more info about the project here

JAJA Biomaterials

With unique attributes in absorbing CO2, creating healthy and comfortable indoor climate as well as aesthetic qualities, we always aim to apply biological materials in all facets of our work. The Mini CO2 project is one example of our involvement in pushing the use of biomaterial in construction. You can find more JAJA Biomaterials projects here

Photo: Claus Fisker/Realdania By & Byg

Date: May 22 2024
Links: Read more about the project here