JAJA researches future mobility!

JAJA launches a research department on future mobility and its impact on our cities!

We are at a brink of a paradigm shift. Technological innovations (autonomous vehicles, sharing economy and digital platforms etc.), environmental awareness, political and public willingness are at a critical point that will inevitably and radically change the way we use and build our future cities.

Where history has been infatuated and favored technological advancements, our new department focus on the QUALITIES this shift will allow us!

We will investigate various technologies, forge collaborations, push political agendas, and create an understanding of how to merge transport needs and more livable cities into a cohesive whole.

The JAJA research department will be led by our very own Robert Martin. He has been granted an industrial Ph.D. in collaboration with RUC, Department for People and Technology, and KADK, Institute of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape.

We look forward to thoughtfully explore and responsibly push the evolution of our cities!

We would also like to thank Statens Kunstfond and Innovationsfonden for proving the grants that are allowing us to kick-start our ambition to combine research and practice.

Date: 11 April 2018