JAJA prequalified to transform the Danish Parliament’s National Archive

Together with Henning Larsen Architects and Varmings Tegnestue, we are prequalified for the competition regarding the transformation of the National Archive of Denmark. The former buildings of the Danish National Archives on Slotsholmen are planned to be merged with the rest of the Danish Parliament, creating a unified space that forms the framework for a more open, accessible, and engaging democracy.

Involving approximately 10.000-12.000 m2, the transformation will be made with great respect for the buildings’ extensive history and cultural heritage.

Inviting the public and improving the workplace

There is a strong public interest in the work of the Danish Parliament as well as visiting its premises and the demand for citizen-oriented activities has been steadily increasing. To address this, the Parliament is committed to strengthening these activities and meeting the rising demand by creating better opportunities for people to personally experience and actively engage with the institution.

In addition, the transformation of the national archive also aims to alleviate the strain on current meeting facilities and office space available to members and staff of the Danish Parliament. The buildings are expected to include new facilities such as an underground visitor entrance, a visitor centre, and a restaurant, as well as committee rooms, meeting rooms and offices.

Top image: Bygningsstyrelsen

Date: July 4
Links: More info via Bygningsstyrelsen