A JAJA transformation of Glyptotekskvarteret

We are consistently engaged in both large and small-scale projects aimed at improving the quality of life within our urban environments. The street is the biggest connected public space in the city, and a key resource to create a livable and resilient urban environment for the future.

Presented here is our vision for Glyptotekskvarteret, situated amidst major thoroughfares such as HC Andersens Boulevard, Bernstorffsgade, Kalvebod Brygge, and Tietgensgade. Glyptotekskvarteret needs a bigger development plan, and we propose Niels Brocks Gade, transforming it into a cohesive neighbourhood street, emphasizing its role as a central hub for community qualities and gathering spaces. With the emergence of Postbyen at one end, Niels Brocks Gade gains newfound significance as a vital axis connecting Dantes Plads, Glyptoteket, and Postbyen.

The inner-city local committee has recently recommended allocating funds for further citizen dialogue to ensure the project is deeply rooted within the neighbourhood. Stay tuned for further development!

Date: March 25 2024
Links: Read more via Magasinet KBH