Production site visit: An update from the Mini CO2 multi-storey house in wood

We have just returned from visiting Blumer Lehmann Group’s centre of compentences for wood in Switzerland! The wooden manufacturers produce the elements for the Realdania Mini CO2 Multi-storey House in Wood we are working on together with ONV Arkitekter.

Cutting the timber in their sawmills, the elements are designed and assembled in close interaction between practice and theory. For our elements, cnc-cut glued laminated timber is used which provides high precision, fewer errors, and fast assembly and installation times.

About the project

The overall goal of this demonstration project is to support the construction industry’s reduction of CO2 emissions. The multi-storey house will be made as a “mono-material house” with wood used in as many building parts as possible.

Located in Kanalbyen, Fredericia, the experimental wooden building will be built along other Realdania By & Byg experimental houses to showcase new ways of making constructions more sustainable and efficient.

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Date: 20 February 2023
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