We are prequalified to design a new ‘Kvarterhus’ in Høje Taastrup

We and our skilled friends from SKALA, Adserballe & Knudsen and EKJ are prequalified to create a new “Kvarterhus” in Høje Taastrup, Denmark. The new Kvarterhus is the first contribution to the realization of a comprehensive plan, where the vision is to transform the area into a “social city of knowledge”. Therefore the project plays a great part in the planning by creating a natural gathering point for the locals that invites and contains all types of users, functions, and teaching methods.

We already started working on the 1800 m2 building, that is set to be built in late 2022.

Kvarterhuset is financed by Realdania, Høje-Taastrup Municipality and DFB via support from Landsbyggefonden.


Photo credits: SKALA

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Date: 29 November