JAJA taking part in the development of Grønlikaia, Oslo

Out of 118 applications, we are very excited to announce that we are among the chosen teams taking part in the development of Grønlikaia in Oslo!

Together with our teammates from Dyrvik Arkitekter AS, SLAByantropologene and Aaen Engineering, we will be working on the site Lohavn in the parallel assignment for Hav Eiendom AS.

Grønlikaia is the last large area along the Oslo Fjord that needs developing and at the Lohavn sub-area, we will be focusing on housing and draw on our experiences from projects like RA Gate and Nypappen.

For many pedestrians, cyclists and commuters from the south, Grønlikaia is the first meeting with Oslo city center. The fjord landscape offers a unique setting for what can be an exciting part of the Harbor Promenade.

We can’t wait to get started! 

Foto: Jon Ivar Søhus (Fra Hav Eiendom AS)

Date: 4 April
Links: Read more about Grønlikaia here