MEREGADE: We will investigate how to develop street hubs in Danish cities

Together with MOE, we are prequalified for GAME‘s MEREGADE project aiming to increase street sports in smaller Danish towns by developing local street sports venues. The goal is for the street hubs to become vibrant meeting places and breeding grounds for positive social communities and sports. The hubs will be co-created with children and young users as well as the growth layer of local urban sports actors. We will therefore develop a user involvement plan to ensure a good foundation of the needs, ideas and wishes of future users.

With smooth transitions between the different kinds of sports, the hubs will host interdisciplinary, spontaneous and informal activities as well as more organised. We will therefore draw on our experience from similar tasks such as the GAME Streetmekka Aalborg and Harboøre Activity Landscape.

The goal is for Game to develop seven street hubs across Denmark, starting with Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality

The project is generously supported by the Nordea Foundation.